Training all staff shall be outsourced primarily to our sister company: Professional Trainers and Motivational Speakers (PTMS) Limited although occasionally as need arise we may use other training providers or train and induct our own staff in-house.

Through a comprehensive initial training programme, we are able to ensure that our new staff are equipped with the relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to work professionally and successfully within the UK Health and Social Care industry.

Potential employees who are new to the UK Health and Social Care industry are trained in the fifteen subject areas of Care Certificate in addition to other relevant Introductory Courses. Upon successful completion they are then sent on 2—4 weeks’ placement to various hospitals, care homes and care organisations working practically with patients and service users in these institutions. In this way they are not only able to apply their knowledge to practical work situations, they are also able to develop their professional competence and confidence in preparation for employment. When once in employment periodic refreshers follow as and when needed.

Potential employees who are trained professionals already such as Nurses or Health and Social Care Workers with NVQ’s and QCF’s may also go through a shorter refresher / induction type training. In addition Nurses may have the opportunity to have qualified, trained and experienced Nurse Mentors to assist them with revalidation.

Staffing Solutions

We are aware of the acute shortage of Health and Social care staff such as Nurses, Health and Social Care Workers, Support Workers, Healthcare Assistants and Care Assistants in various hospitals and other Health and Social Care organisations such as care homes.

It is therefore our policy to attract and train as many Health and Social Care staff as possible so that from our staff pool we will be able to provide sufficient staff for our own patients and service users following which we shall allocate or assign any of our surplus staff to hospitals and other organisations in need as part of a staff solution initiative of this company.

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