Live-in Care service:

Sometimes our service users may require a Nurse, a Health and Social Care Worker, Support Worker, Healthcare Assistant et cetera to provide personal care services for them on an ongoing basis while living permanently with the service user in their home. This is live-in care.

Wake Night Care service:

Depending on the critical nature of their illness which may require frequent monitoring and attendance by care staff, some service users may need or require Wake Night care staff. In this situation we expect that Wake Night staff provide nothing less than wake-night service as any sleeping on duty could amount to ‘Abuse by Neglect’ especially if during that period of sleeping some avoidable harm happens to the service user.

Sleep-in Care service:

Considering their physical and medical condition, some service users may require the presence of someone in their home overnight to provide ‘personal care’ service as and when needed. The staff member may sleep but should be prepared to wake up and provide service occasionally when needed.

NOTE: Our staff members are competent, committed to their work and flexible enough to be able to perform these services with distinction and without blemish.

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