Domiciliary and Institutional settings

We are aware that overwhelming majority of people needing ‘personal care’ services in our communities in the United Kingdom are not generally in the most healthy and vibrant state of their lives. In fact most are vulnerable patients and users of Health and Social Care services.

With this background awareness, our Nurses Health and Social Care Workers, Support Workers and Healthcare Assistants are trained and equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills and are all committed to providing our customers with a high quality, professional, safe, effective, responsive and compassionate ‘personal care’ services in an abuse-free environment marked by genuine and profound respect and dignity for our service users.

Nothing can be more unprofessional or even criminal than to have service users, vulnerable or not, abused by a staff member in the name of providing care for them in their own private residences (domiciliary care) or in institutional settings such as care homes or in hospitals. Therefore all our staff are DBS-cleared prior to employment in order to maximise the safety of our service users and our practice in general.

The provision of ‘personal care’ is a regulated activity under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014—meaning that it is illegal to provide any of the activities below without prior registration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and any breach of this regulation is punishable by imprisonment and / or a fine of up to £50,0000.

Therefore in compliance with definition under the Regulations, the ‘Personal Care’ services we provide shall include:

a) Physical assistance given to a person in connection with-

  • i. eating or drinking (including the maintenance of established parenteral nutrition),
  • ii. toileting (including in relation to the process of menstruation),
  • iii. washing or bathing,
  • iv. dressing,
  • v. oral care, or
  • vi. the care of skin, hair and nails (with the exception of nail care provided by a person registered with the Health and Care Professions Council as a chiropodist or podiatrist)


b) Prompting, together with supervision, of a person, in relation to the performance of any of the above-mentioned activities, where that person is unable to make a decision for themselves in relation to the performing of such activity without such prompting and supervision.

c) All services ancillary to the provision of ‘personal care’ such as:

  • Assisting with getting in or out of bed.
  • Administering over-the-counter and prescribed medicines (no invasive medicines and injections except after specific further professional training and accompanying institutional insurance)
  • Some specific minor domestic services performed during time allocated for ‘personal care’ such as bed-making, minor cleaning, binning rubbish or emptying bins, washing a few dishes and tidying up—basic services which, if not performed together with or immediately after personal care, will leave the service user and their immediate environs in an undignified and disgraceful state.

NOTE: Our Nurses, a Health and Social Care Workers, Support Workers, Healthcare Assistants, Care Assistants and all staff, through relevant professional training know the intricacies and implications of relevant legislation in care provision and have therefore provided, and continue to provide professional, compassionate, safe, effective and responsive personal care services. In this regard our recruitment and training services are value-based so that we are able to provide our patients and service users with staff members who have the necessary competence and commitment to their job.

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